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Is achieving optimum health your goal? Do you want to overcome the struggle between stress and resilience? Would you prefer to have a personalized plan to attain health and create wellbeing? If so, let’s get in touch.

As a personalized preventive care specialist, I help individuals get into a permanent flow using a proven 90-day holistic program–Vasavasorum HEALth Wellbeing Selfbeing® founded on modern medicine and grounded in ancient science.

Heenah Panchal-Patterson, MD, MPH

Georgetown University Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Who We Are

At Vasavasorum, we believe that each one of us has an innate intelligence that, if activated correctly, promotes healing and creates sustainable wellbeing.

Using knowledge from evidence-based western modern medicine and eastern ancient vedic science, we help you find the root of your vitality and provide you an individualized dynamic plan to boost your immunity, burst out the stress, develop resilience, and increase youthfulness to your being.

What is Health and Wellness Coaching

Health coaching is an alliance between a client and the coach, which includes thought-provoking questions, motivational interviewing, reflective conversations, and mindfulness exercises. The alliance targets to facilitate behavioral changes to help move the clients from a state of chronic health conditions (e.g., obesity, high blood pressure) towards optimal health. The overall outcome may include maximizing the personal and professional potential of the client. 

What We Offer

Everyone knows how to be healthy, but not everyone can attain or sustain the health. 

What makes the difference is personalized coaching and regular monitoring.

Free First Consultation

Free introductory one on one virtual meeting.

Our Signature Selfbeing Program

Includes face to face and or virtual meetings and online resources.

One-on-One Coaching

Includes face to face meetings and online resources.

Know Thyself, Build Thy Health

Thanks to our unique program–Vasavasorum HEALth Wellbeing Selfbeing® created from the best of both worlds, modern medicine and ancient Ayurvedic science, sustaining physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is easier and simpler. This specialized approach, focused on your personal constitutional profile, empowers you to harness your innate intelligence by nourishing body and mind, ultimately creating health and wellbeing on a day to day basis. As an impact-maker in the arena of your specialty, this vitality is just the boost you need for balance in life at work and home.


Scientific Research

HEALth & Wellness Coaching

Kind words from my happy clients

Find out what my clients tell about me
“I am a different and so much better person from knowing her. She has great insights and intuition, and takes enormous care. ”
Courtney Henry
“Influence on me has been profound. It is no exaggeration to say that he changed my life, for the better. ”
Robert Fox
“I have met many special people in my life and many very highly trained health practitioners but no one that remotely compares to her. She has more than 20 years of intense training, research, knowledge . ”
Brooklyn Simmons
“Influence on me has been profound. It is no exaggeration to say that he changed my life, for the better. ”
Robert Fox