Global Business 101

The old saying is that “it’s an extremely small world.” It certainly is in terms of the access you have to information from all over the world as well as the ability to connect with business leaders and other important decision makers from every part of the world. This is evident most in global business. Global business is a term used to describe any firm or business that conducts business in countries other than its home.

Businesses of all sizes need to ensure that they are prepared to tackle the challenges of global trade. This involves understanding the nuances of international business as well as being able to work effectively with partners and colleagues in other countries.

The undergraduate Journal of Global Business and Trade The journal, also known as JGBT, features articles, reports and other comments that are relevant to global business. It is also the official journal of CUIBE which is the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education.

Whether you are a business owner who is thinking of expanding into international markets or want to make sure your team is prepared to take on the world, it’s essential to know the impact of cultural differences on your company’s success abroad. This includes learning about the customs, holidays, beliefs and social norms of the various cultures that you will encounter in your international business ventures. It’s an excellent way to boost your “export IQ.” It’s also important to be able to communicate with business colleagues from other countries. For example diverse cultures have different standards for personal space and greetings.

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